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We concentrate on our clients’ business needs and develop focused solutions to real problem demands, optimizing opportunities related to health and safety, sustainability, climate change, energy, and the environment.


We have environmental experts who are passionate about delivering practical strategies to study, promoting building design in conformity with the latest upgrades withing environmental building technologies.


Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems are energy-intensive mechanisms in buildings. Indoor cooling alone accounts for a significant rate of the electricity consumed in commercial buildings. The ability to reduce wasted HVAC energy consumption is a fundamental standpoint for greater sustainability in the building development, besides the way to achieve reduced operating costs. Development in this direction often offers an excellent return on investment.


We develop climate and energy simulations with software tools such as IDA Indoor Climate and Energy, to calculate and predict in detail building performances. Dynamic multi-zone simulation of thermal indoor climate an energy consumption of the entire building, bring the real support to process and select the right inputs for the definition of HVAC solution. We, therefore, are able to propose engineering solutions that guarantee the low energy consumption and preserve the highest possible occupant comfort, in consideration of investment and maintenance costs.

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